Dycem Contamination Control Polymeric Mats and Flooring

ANTIMICROBIAL AND Electrostatic-proof: Dycem Contamination Control Flooring STOPs CONTAMINATION IN ITS TRACKS

About Dycem

Established in 1966, Dycem is a world-leading manufacturer of contamination control mats and flooring. We are a global organisation with headquarters in Bristol.



Contamination is a major and growing concern in cleanrooms, critical areas and controlled environments, from pharmaceutical laboratories, automotive manufacturing and hospitals to food processing units, optical clinics and data storage centres.


Why Dycem

Dycem contamination control mats and flooring are manufactured with a patented polymeric compound, creating a natural tack and proven to retain up to 99.9% of foot and wheel-borne particles from entering your controlled environment.


Our Products

Dycem offers contamination control mats and flooring with multiple standard choices as well as fully customised options, including a variety of colours, installation techniques and finishing styles.


In Your Industry

Learn about how our customers use Dycem in a variety of different environments and markets – all with the aim of controlling foot and wheel-borne contamination and preventing it from entering into their critical environments.



Reduce Using Single-Use Plastic with Dycem [Contamination Control]

Contaminated plastic waste is harmful to your environment, therefore by using disposable peel-off mats and plastic overshoes, YOU are harming your environment. The anti-plastic movement is widespread in today’s day and age. Social media, news websites and near enough all modern day advertising remind us of the millions of tons of plastic waste produced yearly More

Dycem Contamination Control News and Information

Follow this page for all of the latest information and news updates from Dycem Contamination Control. With last year ending on a high, we were all eager to start the new year hitting the ground running and looking forward to introducing our specialist decontamination floor mats to a much wider audience than ever before. Here More

Dust Explosions- A Contamination Risk [Interview with the Experts]

Dust explosions remain an under-reported issue, but a very real concern in the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industry. Combustible or explosive dust can be described as any finely divided particulate solid, which presents a fire or explosion hazard when dispersed in the air. The powdered and granulated ingredients which are central to pharmaceutical and chemical More

Dycem Contamination Control – Anti-Static Technology [Prevent Electrostatic Discharge]

A large number of world-leading organisations, such as Continental, ROHM, Techrepair, Micronit and Saab, have all implemented Dycem’s anti-static flooring for its static control benefits. ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) flooring absorbs static electricity which can otherwise harm electronic components and cause catastrophic equipment failures. Where typical ESD or anti-static flooring solutions only tackle static discharge, Dycem More

LISTERIA AND THE RISK TO HUMAN HEALTH [How Dycem Can Inhibit Bacteria Growth]

Listeria can pose a huge threat to human health and the food production industry. Recalled batches can damage a company’s reputation; reduce consumer trust and ultimately, death for high-risk consumers. Increasingly, consumers are more aware of the health benefits of consuming more fresh food as opposed to highly processed options. However whilst this is of More

Dycem’s Two-Tone Systems [Tacky Mat and Peel-Off Mat Alternative]

Dycem’s two-tone systems have proven an extremely popular way to inhibit contamination growth for our customers as a way of improving their Standard Operating procedures, making them an ideal system and solution for sites with heavy traffic, and strict auditing bodies. Could your site benefit from a two-tone system? • Simple workflow areas identified by More


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